Truncating blog snippets evenly


In all such as Services, Employee Description, etc. it is possible to play enough with the words to get the frame to be even across all descriptions.

However, somehow in the blog snippet (see photo) it has been a bit difficult to get them to line up.  Is there a way to hard-code this to so that after a certain height it truncates to "... more"?  This will be a very useful trick if it can be done with all areas that have a MORE option.

 Thank you


  • Hi

    For this follow the given below instruction . 
    Step 1 

    1 Find the index-blog.php file (located in your theme folder ).

    2  Open it and find the below line of codes on line no 54 55 

    <div class="home-blog-description"><p><?php echo get_the_excerpt(); ?></p></div>
    <div class="home-blog-btn"><a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>"><?php _e('Read More','wallstreet'); ?></a></div>
    3  And replace it with below line of code 

    <div class="home-blog-description"><p><?php echo the_content(); ?></p></div>

  • Step 2 

    Then  insert more tag  into the post editor   content   where you want to  show read  more button . 
    Regarding  more tag 
    refer this link 

    Let  me know for any confusion .

  • Hello,

    I tried this and it completely changed the look and feel of the blog.  The Blog titles were no longer displaying correctly and the font sizes became completely unappealing.

    I changed the php back but used the MORE tag to do the best job possible.

    It would be nice if the theme framed this internally.

    Please close thhis thread.
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