No reCaptcha on Contact Form


I'd like to insert reCaptcha to my contact form. Could you please walk me throught it?


  • Hi 

    If you want to add  captcha to the contact form . 

    Follow the given below steps . 

    1. download google captcha plugin from here
    2 activate it.
    3. go to BWS plugins menu and go to Google captcha setting tab
    4 create site key and secret key and enter in related text box. it.
    6. go to in your theme directory>> contact-us.php 
    7. open contact-us.php go to line number 54  and paste this given  code before   the line no 54  and save .

    <?php if( function_exists( 'gglcptch_display' ) ) { echo gglcptch_display(); } ; ?>

    8. Save contact.php file 

    let me know this work for you

  • Hi Akhilesh,

    It worked with Version 1 of reCaptcha, but I want to use Version 2.

    I get the following message when saving changes with V2;
    Google Captcha version 2 will not work correctly, since the option "allow_url_fopen" is disabled.

    How to I fix this.


  • Hi 

    This issue related to the plugin . Not related to the theme .
    So kindly contact to  the plugin author .

  • Alright, thanks alot.
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