Move and resize the video container inside the slide

Hi, I would like to move the video container inside the slide to put in another position. how can I do this?

also I would like to resize the video container. Is it possible?

And finally i realize that if you clic on play and put the mouse cursor outside the slide this keeps moving and and you can not see the video, Is it possible to stop the slide during the video??



  • Hi

    Kindly share your website url .

  • my site is currently in maintenance mode I attach a screenshot

    and for the problem when you play the video i'm going to share another page from another user that I saw in another ticket with the same problem as me.

    in the 3th slide there is a video and when you clik on play and wait a few seconds the slide keeps moving. i don´t know if it is possible to stop the slide when you click on play.

    Sin título.jpg
  • Hi

    kindly first play vedio and then you can click on fullscreen   . 

  • Ok thanks, and Is it possible to move and resize the video container?
  • Hi

    To change the position of video container add  the below css code into custom css box . 

    .format-video { 
         top: 53%; 
        left: 17%;

    Change value as your need . 

    And for changing into the size of  video container we need to change into the core code file . 
    If you are agree then will do for you . 

    Let me know what you decide .

  • Ok thanks! it won't be necessary to change the size of the video

    Thanks for your support!
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