How to get the Newsletter Widget to work?

I have recently installed Rambo-Pro, yet cannot seem to get the Newsletter Widget to work. It is activated in the Footer area of the website, however when we enter a valid email address and press 'subscribe', nothing happens.

Who can help?


  • Hi 

    Firstly Add SMTP plugin 

    follow below link to add/download SMTP plugin

    then follow plugin instruction, then save and change.

  • Thanks !!
    I have installed PostMan.
    Right now I cannot see where the email subscriptions of Rambo Newsletter widget are stored.

    Should I still use that Rambo newsletter widget, or install MailPoet or something?
    Thanks so much for helping me out :)
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    Firstly configure post mail plugin settings . 

    The subscribe mails  are stored 
    Admin email address .

    That is you have given at the time of wordpress installation . 

    You can change it from 
    Wp-Admin << Setting << General << 
    Find the  Enter Email Field .

  • Thanks a lot !
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