Modifying Services Page layout

I'd like to be able to "group" the services on my services page.  Currently, it adds the services in the order they're entered.  I'd like to be able to group out my services into categories so it looks something like this:

Category A
Service A     Service B    Service C

Category B
Service D     Service E   Service F

Category C
Service G   Service H 

and so on.

Is this something that's possible?  (BTW, I'm currently using Reorder Posts plugin to modify the order of my services if that makes a difference)


  • HI

    Sorry for your inconvenience but Its a part of customization ,  its required much code customization . 
    Beyond the scope of our support , You can ask your developer to dot this . 

  • Thanks - I understand.

    I think I'll end up separating services into separate pages.  

    Is it possible just to put specific services onto a page?  I used the service template on a new page but it puts all the services on there.  Can I filter what shows up on a page?
  • Hi Syee99,

    Can't you put all the categories on the homepage in the servicearea, and lead your customers to seperate categoriepages when they click a categorie?
  • Hi 

    Sorry for  your inconvenience . 

    But it part of customization beyond the scope of support .


  • Hi Christiaan,
    I was thinking about that too but it seems it won't let you filter specific services to show on the page.  Looks like services page is an all or nothing rather than let you pick what appears.
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