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In the quality theme in the comments section, the commenters don’t have the ability to leave the website so that other people can go to their website.

I would like the commenters to be able to enter your website and when you click on their name it is a link to their website. 

I attached a picture of another site.


Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 9.49.32 PM.png


  • Hey featherwind

    its happing bcoz you enter multi line project title plz enter single line or small title and let me know 


  • Any update on this topic? The last answer was regarding  another thread..
  • Hey featherwind


    let me confirm you wan to add one extra field in comment section and make this field data click avail in comment section . if yes so plz first create a child theme  then let me  know we will provide you code 

  • Yes I want an extra field and to attach the link to the persons name so when the name is clicked to goes to the extra field link (website)

    I have a child theme ready...

    Thank you
  • Hey 

    its lots of code customization si we suggest you to use plugin  for customize you comment section there are many free plugin that meet your need 

    try with this 

  • That plugin doesn't necessarily do anything but If i pay their support team I can add the feature...

    I'll look for a plugin with this feature and try to post it here
  • The solution is to re-activate Jetpack Comments
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