How to translate a date


you close my discussion about translating date. I have got problem that our language isn´t in general settings - so I have to Installed it - but with installed czech language (cs_CZ)- date translating does not work.  


  • Hey katerinacern,

    Sorry thats closing by mistake

    dont worry we are working all ready on your query find out a best solution and let you know 

  • Okay - thank you very much:) 

    I am waiting for your message.

    Have a nice day.


  • Hey kateriacern

    let me know first as you mention in your previews thread you installed your language cs_cZ  language so plz confirm me you completely translate it 

    because we installed wordpress in cs_CZ language and  it translate date successfully have a look in attached image

    translation images.png
  • Yes I installed cs_CZ language as you can see in attach - I have got only one idea, that it works when I have your Quality themes for free and when I buy Quality-Pro and install it from this time it does not work. Maybe it could be some problem? 
  • Hey katerinacern

    let me confirm are edit in core file because date translation is working in our end  with pro version have a look in attached screen shot.

    kindly share you site admin details on my email id so we find out issue and fix it for you 


    translation images1.png
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