Theme Feature won't display on homepage.


I'm want to display Theme Feature on the homepage but it won't show up. I have the enable box checked but it still isn't there. And I don't see a section for it on Theme Layout Manager. (Not sure if there is supposed to be one or not.) This is for


  • Hi

    It  working perfect at our end. 

    Let me know are you using any plugin . 
    If yes kindly deactivate all plugin one by one bz it may be any plugin conflict with the theme . 

    And check  theme feature section  is enable or not . 


  • No luck when I deactivate the plugins. 

    Theme Feature section is enabled.

    Is there supposed to be a Theme Feature tab in Theme Layout Manager? I don't see one on mine. Plese refer to the images on my previous post.


  • Hey @nkipitcavage

    its relay strange.

    let me know you make any changes in core file. plz undo that all and let me know  

  • Hi  @nkipitcavage

    Are you still facing issue ?

  • Nope. It's good. Thanks!
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