Website Performance - making too many http requests to render homepage

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My website is too slow. It takes 10+ seconds just to render the homepage.

I have been trying to improve the performance of my website and need suggestions from you for that in terms of the following points:

1. results show that the website is making too many http requests (to render the homepage). 76+ requests really seem to be too excessive just to render the homepage. Kindly advise about this.

2. I also ran other tools like Showslow and a few others. Most of them are giving the standard suggestions like browser caching, optimising images, gzip compression, etc. I have done that through some plugins like "WP Super Cache", "Check and Enable GZIP compression", "WP Smush" however the performance has not improved very much. Please advise.

3. Can you suggest any specific plugins which you have already used with this theme to improve website performance? Please let me know.

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  • Sorry dear its beyond the scope of support, try cache plugins.

    Closing this ticket since its not related to theme support

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