Cannot open child theme file


I wanted to edit the image size on the about us page and therefor created a child theme, but I cannot edit it. It says "Theme editor is disabled due to DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT constant is set to true in wp-config.php"


  • Hi 

    Let me know did you add below code snippet into the wp-config file . 

    define( 'DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT', true);

    If yes kindly remove this .

  • Sorry but how can I find the wp-config file?
  • Hey 

    you can use this read this tutorial to find and edit wp-config file


  • Hi 

    The wp-config.php file is usually located in the root folder of your website with other folders like /wp-content/.
    To access it login via FTP  . 
    More help refer this link

  • HI

    Any update on this .

  • Not yet, I will try it later
  • Ah ok, it works. Now I'm using the child theme. Sorry for the stupid question, but is the child theme just a copy in case of anything goes wrong?

    I would like to downsize now some picture in the portfolio posts. The picture in the overview is ok, but when I click on the link I get to the main page for this porfolio and the picture there is very big.
  • Hi @tajanka

    Kindly create separate ticket for separate issue . 

    Bz multiple issue in single thread create complexity to handle batter support query .


  • Ok so this is closed
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