Adding Video to the Homepage


Is there a way to add a video on the homepage of this theme? Preferably between the homepage icons and the latest blog post.
My site address is

Handy Tax Guy


  • Hi 
    Yes it is possible but
    Firstly I suggest you to create child theme and do the layout changes from there.
    Because if you update the theme with the latest one than you will lost all  changes made into the core theme file .  
    To create child theme download the plugin from this link and activate the plugin and tell me . 

  • Ok I've done that. What's next?
  • Hi 

    For this follow the given below instruction . 

    1 Create 1  home.php  and  2 index-video.php file in your child theme directory .

    2 Replace copy the code from home.txt and index-video.txt (Which is given below in the attachment ).

    3 And past the code respective file . 

    Now Edit the index-video.php file .

    And embed your  own you tab video in place of 
    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> 

    Go get embed url read from this link .

    Hope I made my point clear . 
    Let me know for further assistance . 

  • Is there a way to have that video display/play without having to use youtube. The video is in mp4 format and do you know of any plugins where we would not have to use youtube?
  • Also, with the child theme added, when I make a text or image update in wordpress, is the child being affected or the parent? I'm asking because lets say in the future I decide to remove the child theme, would any text updates I make through wordpress be deleted as well?
  • Also, do you have an example of how the video will look on the page once of the update is made? In terms of its position on the page. Please send a screenshot if you have one.
  • I created a child theme a while back with a customization we attempted which didn't work. We were trying to trigger a javascript scheduling application popup. Here is how my home.php file looks now. I haven't added the latest customization. Please take a look at it. Nobody got back to me on the issue below.

  • Hi,

    The code you provided did not work. I added the coded you provided to he child page home.php page and index-video.php with my youtube embedded code but it is not displaying on my homepage. Seems to be similar to the other issue I had using the child theme code.

  • Hi 

    The above solution I provided you regarding added video on home page .
    It is working fine at our end . 
    You can see the snapshot.

    kindly again follow the instruction carefully .
    If still you are unable to add  send me your admin detail at my email address 

  • Find the snapshot.
    home video.png
  • I've sent you the information to your email. Please advise. Thanks
  • Can you please let us know why this update to the home page using the child theme is not working as well. 

  • I've sent the information to your email. The instructions did not work.
  • Can someone please give the status on the home page YouTube video issue. This is a critical issue we need help in resolving as soon as possible. Thanks
  • Hi 

    I did not receive your admin detail pls  again send me your wordpress admin detail . 
    On this email address . 

  • I sent it again. Please check your email again. Thanks.
  • I created a user account for you. Check your email. Thanks
  • Hi 

    Dear I have added video  on your home page . 

    The above solution did not working bz you are using older version of theme . 
    Bz in older version of theme we have handle home page via the fron-page.php file . 

    So we need to create fron-page.php file in child theme folder  instead of home.php file . 

    Pls check and tell me . 


  • Ok great. It looks good. What about this issues here which didn't work using the child theme?
  • Hi 

    Thanks for your patience dear . 

    Now allow me to close this ticket . 

    So that we can proceed to other issue . 


  • Ok great. Thanks for the help. We Appreciate it.
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