Removal of Author & Headers - Solution not acceptable


This is in reference to the original post found HERE.

The solution is NOT acceptable as the css provided ".blog-post-title > .blog-post-title-wrapper > h2 { display: none !important; }" removes ALL h2 (and for some reason, h3) tagged items on the entire site.

Please test and assist 


  • kindly share your site url.

    so we can test and find out the best solution

  • Please check your webriti inbox.

    I have reactivated your account on my site.

  • Kindly check now and let me  know 

  • edited December 2015

    I just did.  It is perfect.  Could you check your Inbox again please?  I have an support ticket that is still open.

    And please let me know so that I can add it to my Change Management Log.

    Thank you!

  • are you talking about this ticket 

    let me confirm

  • Regarding this ticket, please tell me what modification you did to my site to make the Page title not appear as the H2 Header in the page.

    I noticed this code was added to the CSS

    .blog-post-title-wrapper h2 a, .blog-post-title-wrapper-full h2 a{display:none;}

    Is that all?  And could you explain what the "a" does on the code?  I need to have a Change Management log so that if there was a ever a need to build the site from the very begining I can quickly enter the modifactions.

    Thank you for all that you do to help me!


  • HI nic

    yes i add this code to hide  your  header 

    .blog-post-title-wrapper h2 a, .blog-post-title-wrapper-full h2 a{display:none;}

    closing this ticket!.

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