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Hi Team

Great theme. I'm trying to finish off our website by adding 4 sliders to the homepage header. For example 'welcome to our company' and 'personal and commercial services' and 'contact us today'. It looks good however using this method means there are now 4 blank posts (which only have featured images) on our blog/news page which looks horrible compared to our proper full posts :-( 

Is there anyway to hide these 4 posts from the blog page??  Or alternatively is there custom CSS to add a more conventional animated header plugin to the homepage instead?? 

Thanks in advance
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  • Hi 
    For this follow the given below steps 

    For this  Go to  
    Step 1 

    1   WP Admin <<  Post Tab << Then find add new category  option  .

    2  Create Category and assign post , as you want to show .(Exclude post that you want show in the slider )

  • Step 2 

    The go to appearance << Menu   << Find Categories  option  << select Category << Click on  Add to menu  button .

    Then Finally click on Save Menu Button .

    See the snapshot it will help you .

    Let me know for any confusion.

    slider post exclude.png
  • Hi

    Any update here ?

  • Hi Akhilesh

    Sorry for the slow reply, my wife gave birth to our first child last week so it's been a busy festive period!!

    Thanks for this, it's an interesting workaround and saves using another slider plugin; hopefully my client agrees :-)

    Kind regards
  • Hi
    Its good news and happy new year 2016 .
    Congratulations !

    If you allow Can I close this ticket .

  • Thanks Akhilesh - please close the ticket!
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