Instagram feed to replace "Portfolio" pictures

I'd like to find out if it's possible to have my Instagram feed populate the pictures in Portfolio.  I'd like to streamline our image management so that we only upload to one place (Instagram) and it updates our web page as well.

I installed the "Instagram Feed" plugin but it looks like to use this, I need to create a new page, and use their shortcode to get the feed to display.  Unfortunately, the Theme Layout Manager doesn't let you add your custom pages to the ordering, and I'd like to have the last X number of photos on Instagram to populate on the front page (where currently Portfolio displays my last few pictures)

Is there some way to customize Portfolio to use a feed from a 3rd Party (Instagram) so I don't have to manage photos in two different places?


  • Hey syee99,

    let me confirm you need to display instagram feed in portfolio section.

    you can use your shortcode in template core file example 

    echo do_shortcode(‘[your shortcode ]’);

    let me know if you have any confusion 

  • Hi syee99

    Any update here ?

  • Hi,
    Which file do I do the shortcode update in?  
  • Hi syee99,

    index-portfolio.php  given in your theme directory 

    if you are using this plugin then you can paste this shortcode given bellow

    paste this 

    echo do_shortcode("[easyinstagramfeed]");
    let me know if you have any confusion 

  • Thanks.  This seemed to work, but it seems to now want to display the demo content when I remove all the items in my current portfolio. Is there a way to remove the demo content when there's an "empty" portfolio?  (as I want just the instagram content on there)
  • Hi 

    To remove demo content from home portfolio section . 
    Follow the given below instruction . 

    1 Find the index-portfolio.php  file (located in your theme folder ).

    2 Replace the code of it with the code of index-portfolio.txt (Which is given below in the attachment ). 

    Then again add your shortcode code into the file . 

    Hope it will help you should you need further assistance , Let us know . 


  • Thanks - that worked perfectly.
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