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I am working with the Appointment Pro template and would like to know, in detail please, how I can add a second language to my site (English and French). I do not need help with the actual translation, but I do need help on how to set up 2 different languages in terms of file locations, naming conventions, and how to add "French/English" choices at the top and bottom of the pages.

I hope that my question is clear.

Thank you very much,



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    Thanks for contacting us . 

    For this you can use Google Language Translator  Plugin . 

    Download the plugin from this link 

    Let me know for further help . 


  • Hello, 

    Long delay, but starting back on the project now. 

    Is there any way to push manual translation for every page? Google translate always shoot shitty translation for our activity area...  I don't want an automated translation, I want to add my own translations, and want a language menu with only french and English option...  

    Any way I can do that? 

  • Hi

    For  this  refer this link 

    Let me know for further assistance .

  • Hello, 

    Unfortunately, this is not clear for me, I have been able to translate most of the pages and things, what I really can't find is how do I translate the DIV in the first page, there is no proper page I can open and translate for these. 

    All in DIV, how do I translate these, no matter what I do, I can't seem to find them at all anywhere, name it, strings, etc..  

    Just tell me where, exactly, after buying all those options (theme, WPML, WPML strings, and PoEdit)... 

    Where in the world I can translate this?!

    Manon, who would really really want to finish at some point...  

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