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Is it possible to change the showing of the order of the projects afterwards?

Right now when projects are added the last one uploaded just moves over one spot. I'd like to determine the order.


  • btw just the order, not in categories.
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    For this  download the  Metronet Reorder Posts  plugin from this link 

    Then go to wp admin << settings << Reorder post <<  Find sorted by field and select Menu order field .

    Now you can change the order of project  post type. As  your need .

    Let me know for any confusion.

  • thanks :). Downloading and installing worked :)

    I don't think want to post by a type but just mix them around as I please.

  • It worked! Randomly changing the order is easy. Thanks again!
  • I was too fast. Reordering worked but the site does not accept the new order and stays the way it is.

  • Hi 

    Means reorder do not reflect on the client side . 

    Let me clear , What problem you are facing . 
    It may be the issue of your browser cache . 

  • Exactely it doesn't reflect on the client side/ the website itself. Also not in different browsers. The cache is empty.

  • hope you can help out
  • Hi 

    You did not change into the Plugin setting . 
    That's why reorder do not functioning . 
    Also change Order  Setting . 
    Go to wp admin << settings << Reorder post <<  Find Sort Order: field and select ASC  value  ..

    Hope this helps You . Let me know for further assistance .

  • Excellent! that did the trick :)

    so cool :) thanks

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  • I left feedback, thanks again :)
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