• Hi 

    If you want that type of FAQ as shown in the second link than you have to use shortcodes given by the plugin they have shortcode by the name Collapse (Accordion) .

    All you need to do is create and FAQ page add accordion shortcode assign the template full width or default and you are good to go.

    Let me know. Also share the url once you do that.

  • Also forget to mention that we have already provided an accordion shortcode you can use that as well instead of using plugin's

    Option is your's whichever you want to use.
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    Hi Priyanshu!

    I found the native accordion shortcode.  Just tested it.  And boy, is it UGLY.  SUPER UGLY!

    I'm gonna do a quick search on your other suggestion.

    Thank you.
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    First let me know did you find the shortcode provided with the theme or not ... Or you want to use plugin shortcode..
  • I said.. I found the + sign, then chose accordion.  it is ugly.  I'm trying the suggested plug on now and seeing if there are any other options other than an accoridon
  • HEY 

    May I know your website URL . 

  • I just sent you a pvt message
  • You may close this thread.

    A more stylized FAQ section would be a great addition to the next upgrade.

    Thank you for your support.

  • You have any idea regarding any FAQ.

    Closing this ticket down.

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