Problem with the pictures of the "Clients" section

Hi, there is a problem on the home page of this website with the clients section

It seems that only the 10 first clients logos are appearing on the front page ( see the attached file). The others clients logos look "broken" on the home page, eventough there are no problems with these images in the wordpress backoffice. Even if I change the image, and upload another one ( any image), it's still impossible to make them appear on the home page.

Thanks for your help
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  • Hi mechou

    its working fine on our end.

    plz check you add features image successfully.

    find attached image 

    let me know 

  • Hi @mechou

    any update here ?

  • Hi @mechou

    still you are facing this issue let me know we will help you further 

  • Hello,
    I am also having problems with the Client page.  I have 16 logos at least on the page and they don't appear to slot into a grid pattern correctly.  This results in the first row appearing normally, then a logo on the line below paginated to the right on it's own, the line below that four logos, the line below that four logos, but the line below that has one logo on the right and then two separate logos on the left below it.
    Have tried taking out the logo images themselves, the same issue occurs.  The site is at and using the quality-pro template.

  • Hi

    To sort out your client layout issue follow the given below instruction . 

    1 Find the index-client.php file located in your theme folder .

    2 Replace the code of it with the code of index-client.txt which is given below in the attachment. (FTA) . 

    Let me know for further assistance . 

  • Hey 

    Did the above solution work for you ?

  • Hi Akhilesh
    Sorry I couldn't get back to you until now.  Apart from the logos being somewhat smaller than they were, yes they're laid out correctly now thank you :).
    Best regards,
  • Actually Akhilesh, the logos are very small and mico sized, is there anyway I can get them a little bit bigger please? :)
  • Hi

    To change width and height of client logo .
    Follow the given below instruction . 

    Again Open the index-client.php file .
    Find the below line of code on line no approx .41 

    <a href="<?php echo $client_link;?>" target="<?php if(get_post_meta( get_the_ID(),'meta_client_target', true )) echo "_blank";  ?>" style="height:105px; width:100px;" > <?php the_post_thumbnail('',$tt);  ?></a>

    Change width and height value as your need , Which is I made read . 

    Hope it will help You , Should you need further assistance . 
    Let me know . 

    Happy to help!

  • Thank you, I'll try it.  Is it also possible to centre the logo please?
  • Hi 

    Yes it is possible but kindly create separate ticket for separate issue . 
    So that we can handle your support queries properly and assist you better . 

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