How to edit and add HMTL to home page


I need to add some html code on the homepage to cause a active engage plugin to popup on the homepage. I'm able to do this in all the other added wordpress pages easily but can't seem to find the editor for the homepage. Can you please direct me on how to add this htlm code to the homepage of my theme?



  • HI  Dear 

    Let me clear the area on homepage , on which you want to add html code . 

    Means below the Latest from Blog section or above .

    Let me know by indicating are via snapshot . 

    So that we can assist you better.

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    The html code is a java script and can be added anywhere it seems like. I prefer adding at it at the very bottom of the page. Since it is a pop up and will not show on the actually page. Please make room at the very bottom. Thanks
  • This 'contact' active engage scheduling button id like to add the code to each page on my site. I can easily add it to any page but need to know how edit the homepage with an custom html code. Also check out is where the plugin comes from. It is a active engage scheduling plugin.
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    The html code is a javascript and can be added anywhere it seems like. I prefer adding at it at the very bottom of the page. Since it is a pop up and will not show on the actually page. Please make room at the very bottom. Thanks
  • Hi, any information on how to update the homepage yet?
  • HI 
    Firstly I suggest you to create child theme and do the layout changes from there.
    Because if you update the theme with the latest one than you will lost all  changes made into the core theme file .  

    To create child theme download the plugin from this link .

    And activate the plugin and create child theme . 

  • Ok, what is the the next step after? I assume there no simple way of adding this script to the home.
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    Step 1 
    1 Create home.php file in your child theme directory . 

    2 Replace the code of it with the code of home.txt (Which is given below in the attachment ). 

    Step 2 

    2.1 Create index-newhtml.php file in your child theme . 

    2.2 Add your custom code into this file . 


  • Find the attachment .
  • I'll make the updates and keep you posted
  • I created both files and added them to the child theme directory. I provided a screenshot below. What is the next step? 
    I'm being very careful not to mess up my current or customization. I'm not sure if I should activate the child theme and if that would cause me to lose all the updates I've made to the parent theme. Also can I still make other changes to the parent them will having a child them? Please advise. 

    Thanks in advance
    Files Created.PNG
  • Hi, I did a preview of the child theme instead of activating it and 2 important things I noticed. 
    1. The code I added did not show on the homepage.
    2. The all page header links are showing on all the pages on home. The child theme is not replicating page menu dropdown. 

  • Here is what I mean
    Parent Theme.PNG
    Child Theme.PNG
  • Hi 

    For your menu issue . 
    When you create child theme, And activate it . 
    You need to again set your custom menu . 
    From Appearance << Menu  Tab . 

    Now Come to your main issue . 
    Pls add your custom html code into  index-newhtml.php file . 
    And tell me . 

    Hope I made my point clear . 


  • I added the code to the index-newhtml.php file but the script didn't pop on the home page.

    Will the script not work in preview and will only work when I activate it?

    If I need to go back to the parent theme can, I I just activate it and everything will return as it was before?

    By creating this new menu, does it only apply to the child theme?

    Im asking this because I worried about activating this child theme and something breaking and I'm not able to go back to the custom parent theme.
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    I added the script code to the index-newhtml.php file but the script didn't pop on the home page when but I added this code in all my other wordpress pages and it works fine with the child theme activated. It just does not work in the home page for some reason with the customization instruction provided. File example attached.
  • Examples
    Child files.PNG
    Child files 2.PNG
  • Hi 

    Now check your website . 

    I have sort out your  issue . 

    Pls check and tell me . 

  • First, I just noticed the video on my desktop. I initially reviewed on my mobile phone. Is there anyway you can center the video on the homepage?
    Front page.PNG
  • Also, I'm not seeing the scheduling app pop on on the homepage. Take a look at this page for example.
    Homepage popup.PNG
  • Hi 

    To center video  on desktop add the below css code into custom css box . 

     iframe {
        width: 100% !important;
        text-align: center;

  • Should I add that update now or are you still working on the website? The only issue left is getting the pop up to showup on the home page.
  • Hi 

    Okay dear   Now lets come on the (getting pop up to  show up on home page ) issue  . 

    I have confusion regarding bz you told me to add addition text area on the home page only  . 

    The pop up showing on home page . 

    Are you want to remove   pop up from this page . 

    Pls clear this issue . 

  • I see it now. It looks great on the homepage.

    My last question is, I wanted to add some custom coding to the blog page, would you need to create a custom php page for the blog page to use in the child theme? 
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  • Ok thanks, will do.
  • Please close this issue out. We've been a great help.
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