As it's been noted on several discussions, the PAGE template of WALL STREET is written incorrectly.  It appears a POST (with post dates)and not a PAGE.

Using the CSS .blog-post-date { display:none; } to correct this in turn breaks the inherent feature of BLOG POSTS by removing the dates from there as well.

I believe that this needs to be fixed programmatically by having the Theme Author re-write the page (and full page) template as a true PAGE and not a POST.


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    To remove date only from the page template follow the given below instruction  . 

    Firstly Remove the below css code . 
     blog-post-date { display:none; } 

    1 Open and Find the page.php file located in your theme folder . 

    2  Find the below lines of code on line no 43 44 45 .

    <div class="blog-post-date"><span class="date"><?php echo get_the_date('j'); ?><small><?php echo get_the_date('M'); ?></small></span>
    <span class="comment"><i class="fa fa-comment"></i><?php comments_number('0', '1','%'); ?></span>

    3 And remove it . 

    Hope Your issue will resolve . 

    Let me know for further assistance . 


  • Hi 

    Did the above solution work for you . 

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    It did not...  However, I went to "page-full-width.php" and modified it according to your instructions and it worked perfectly.

    I don't seem to have a "Page Template" in the page attributes drop down.  But, as I said, going to "page-full-width.php" fixed it.

    Thank you!


    There is some confusion about the latest version.  Is it 1.3 or 1.6, and if so, where do I get 1.6.  I just purchased the Pro from your site.  Does the theme "phone home" and mark itself as "Update Available"?

  • Hi 

    Right now we have updated  Latest version on the amember account . 

    Pls download latest version that is 1.5 . 
    (1.5 and 1.6 both have same feature ) .

    To upgrade theme with latest version refer this thread . 

  • The latest version is still 1.5 in the download area.
  • HI 

    NO problem right now 1.5 it the latest version . 

    You can use it .
    If you have  any kind of issue . 

    PLs let me know . 

  • Please mark this threat as CLOSED.

    Just please note my complaint... Your OPTIONS PANEL was a beautiful feature.  I think it was wrong choice to move everything to CUSTOMIZER.  The OPTIONS PANEL had such a beautiful UI.  CUSTOMIZER IS SOO UGLY.

    Please mark this threat as CLOSED.

  • Hi 

    Thanks for giving your valuable feedack .
    But according to wordpress new guidline , I it compolsory to implement  settings option with the help of customizer . 

    You can more read about customizer from this link 

    Any ways closing this ticket . 


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