Portfolios in different pages

Hi there,

I have created 3 categories of portfolios, each of them has 3-5 portfolios. Each category is also the service type. 

So my structure of the website is:

service 1, service 2, service 3, service 4

Service 1 (portfolio 1-1, portfolio 1-2, portfolio 1-3)
Service 2 (portfolio 2-1, portfolio 2-2, portfolio 2-3)
Service 3 (portfolio 3-1, portfolio 3-2, portfolio 3-3)
Service 4 (portfolio 4-1, portfolio 4-2, portfolio 4-3)

Is it possible for me to display like that in the theme of quality?

Thank you !




  • Also, I would love to have the description of the portfolio at right side of the image, instead of bottom of the image. Can you help me ? thanks!
  • Hi! Can any of you help me soon please? It is really urgent!!!
  • edited November 2015
    Hi Dear 

    I have little confusion regarding your issue . 
    Pls explain it more clearly , Step by step  process.

    And don't post multiple issue in single thread . 
    Pls create separate ticket for separate issue . 
    Bz multiple issue in single post create complexity to handle better support query .

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