Pro Version breaks website

Once I installed the pro version, the Instagram feed worked fine in the content area, but it conflicted with the header and footer of my website and it is no longer displaying properly.  The same thing happens if I place the shortcode in a widget area.  Any ideas how to fix this?

Please see the attached screencaps.  The first image is how the header should be displaying, the 2nd shows how everything gets shifted once the feed is placed in the content area.   The problems are circled in red.

1232 x 719 - 133K
1311 x 939 - 162K


  • The footer also displays improperly once the feed is placed on the site.  It seems to lose it's background after the widget titles.

    The first screencap shows how it should be displaying the 2nd is how it looks after the shortcode is added to the content area.
    1263 x 775 - 73K
    1248 x 715 - 74K
  • Hi webplanetca,

    its look like theme or other plugin conflict with custom instagram feed plugin so plz deactivate other plugin one by one and test and also test with wordpress theme liek twenty twelve etc
    let me know

    Kindly share your site url.

  • Hi
    Any update here?

  • I turned off all plugins, but the issue still remained.

    The site is under construction, but you can bypass the coming soon page, by visiting this URL: and then navigate to Media > Photo Gallery.

    Thanks for your help!
  • Hi webplanetca,

    this is a css conflict.

    plz follow given instruction .

    1. go to in your plugin directory >> lib >> eif_style.css

    2. open eif_style.css file

    3. copy all css code from attached eif_style.txt file and replace with eif_style.css

    let me know did it helpful.

  • Thank you!  Is there a way to set this up in a child theme, so that it doesn't get overwritten if there is a plugin update?
  • Hi, 

    this is a small css issue there is extra css class that conflict with your theme so in our next update we will  fix it.
    so you don't worry. it will not create any issue in future update 

    let me know can i close this ticket


  • That's great, thank you very much!  Your extra CSS fixed the issue.

    I only have 1 other question.  When you click on the images to enlarge them in the lightbox, they remain the same size as they were on the page.  Is there any way to increase the size of the images in the lightbox?

  • Hi

    for large image in lightbox

    plz go to plugin setting dashboard and select

    2. customization settings tab

    select settings

    image resolution 640*640

    let me know did it work

  • Worked perfectly, thanks for all of your help.  You can close the ticket now. :)
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