Category Description Showing in Error - URGENT

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Please see:

The description of the category is showing incorrectly. It has been deleted from all category descriptions and is still visible.
Please remove immediately, as this seems like a bug.

Description to be removed: 
Welcome to the Thriving Earth Exchange’s (TEX) blog space. The purpose of the blog is to inspire thinking, open-participation and discussion on particular topics or themes. We encourage you to leave comments on any blog post by clicking through to each post and sharing your thoughts at the bottom.


  • Hi 

    For this add the below css code into  appearance << customizer << custom css box . 

    .blog_cat_para { display:none; }

    Let me know for further assistance .


  • Thank you kindly, that worked.
    I also need to remove the text from:
    This is the 3 portfolio theme folder, but I cannot edit the theme folder coding myself.

    This language needs to be removed urgently as it is incorrect.

    Please see attached screenshot of the language to be removed.

    Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 10.05.34 AM.png
    1211 x 563 - 337K
  • Hi

    For this add the below css code into custom css box . 

    .portfolio_para {
        display: none;

  • Thanks, that worked
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