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How can I change the image banner on a regular page?
I have the standard template on the page. However I do not know were to change the banner

It should be simple. But where in Appointment Pro theme can I do this?

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  • Hi

    Oops You created the ticket in the wrong theme category. Don't worry I have corrected this.

    Coming to your issue kindly share your site url of the page you want to change the banner header.


  • The website is not online yet! Hence the screenshot. 

  • Hi 

    For this follow the given below instruction .

    1 Go to your theme folder 

    2 Find the images folder .

    3 Open it and find the page-title-bg.jpg   image and delete it .

    4 Then add any images in image folder and rename it to page-title-bg 

    Note :Image format must be .jpg 

    Let me know for further assistance .

  • Tell one thing you want to show same header banner on all the pages which is different from the default one or you want it to display specific to a page.

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    If possible per page but default for one is also ok.

    Thanks for your help. Priyanshu

  • @Akhilesh
    If Priyanshu has a sollution where I can have a specific image on each page, I would do so.
    If not I will try your solution this evening

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    If you want to show specific to page than you can  add the following css rule in the custom css box present in the customizer.

    .page-id-(your page id number) .page-title-section{background:url('YOUR IMAGE PATH') !important;} 

    Say If my page id is 6 than your style rule will look something like this

    .page-id-6 .page-title-section{background:url('') !important;}

    Just change the url as per your needs.

    If you want to have one banner for all than you can try @akhilesh solution But if you wan't sepcific to page than try mine.

    Let me know for any confusion.

  • @priyanshu  thank you for your great assistance
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