CSS changes not working

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When I change the CSS in the editor, the changes won't show up on the site.

I tried doing something simple to test the problem so I changed the 'body' and 'wrapper' background colours to #000000 and it still shows up white...

I've also changed the permissions on the files on my Ftp to 666 and I also tried 777. This still didn't work.


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    HI impress,

    Kindly share your site url.

    so we can assist you better

  • FYI - I currently have a child theme set up for this site. The style changes weren't working so I tried to change the style.css in the parent and they still wouldn't work... 
  • Hi

    its looks like css confliction with presents child theme.

    if you wont to change css in child theme plz make it 'important' in child theme. style.css


    #example {
    font-size: 14px !important;

    let me know did it work
  • No that didn't work...

    I already knew that it wasn't a problem with the child theme because I changed the css on the parent theme as a test and that didn't work either. The code has changed and saved but it doesn't update the site.

    Ive cleared the cache on the browser and that didn't work either.
  • Arey you using any cache plugin
  • No. do i need to?
  • Hey

    Kindly add  your custom css code into 

    Appearance << customizer << custom css box . 

    Then tell me  the css  changes will reflect or not . 


  • Yes it works if I do it in that
  • Okay dear @impress

    Kindly add your custom css via the 

    Appearance << customizer << custom css box . 

    Option .

    Bz adding css via editor option does not update into the file .


  • Ok thanks
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