Layout conflicts between Custom Instagram Feed Pro and Easy Instagram Feed

Hi there,

I purchased Custom Instagram Feed Pro after trying Easy Instagram Feed as a demo. Easy Instagram Feed worked great and I purchased Pro for the ability to pull in a feed by specific hashtag.

The Pro layout seems significantly different than Easy Instagram Feed.

Here is a screenshot of my site using Easy Instagram Feed.
Here is a screenshot using Custom Instagram Feed Pro.

Is there additional markup added to Pro that is not included in Easy Instagram Feed that would explain this? I've tried to solve the layout issues with CSS, but many of the inline styles seem to be getting in the way and I'd prefer not to edit Pro's core plugin code to get the layout I expected from Easy Instagram Feed.

Thanks for your help and cheers!


  • I have a working solution for the moment, which is to override the included style:
    .main-content {
    width: 1170px;
  • Hi

    That's strange kindly share the site url where you are displaying the feeds. Also make sure that you disable the easy instagram feed plugin.

  • Thanks Priyanshu, I appreciate you following up!

    I'm working on a local install at the moment, but would be happy to share some additional details:
    • Easy Instagram Feed is indeed deactivated. I re-installed and activated it for the sake of sharing the difference in layouts I experienced
    • The .main-content CSS rule in my last comment is what was driving the container to exceed the overall page layout. It might be useful to exclude settings a specific fixed width there in future versions for better theme compatibility
    No worries, though! I'm happy no that the override works. Thanks a ton for replying!


  • Hi Sunset,

    Thank you for mention this. theme compatibility css.

    we also check and update it in next update.

  • Kindly share the theme you are using , Also, if you able to ressolve it than do let us know.

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