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Is there a way to arrange the services in a chosen order? Right now it is arranging them alphabetically. 

I would prefer them to be in this order. 
xray, ekg, ultrasound, lab


  • Hi cmmsxray,

    sorry for inconvenience.

    there is no setting to arrange service order.

    if you want to display xray, ekg, ultrasound, lab in this order then.

    create your service in this order lab, ultrasound, ekg, xray.

    that's mean that service you want to show last create fist and create other one after one as show in service section.

    let me know dis ist work

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    Hi  Dear @cmmsxray  @abhishek

    We can manage the order of service  with the help of plugin  ,  that  is freely available on .

    To arrange services 

    For this  download the  Metronet Reorder Posts  plugin from this link 

    Then go to wp admin << settings << Reorder post <<  Find sorted by field and select Menu order field .

    Now you can change the order of service product and team member  post type. As  your need .

    Let me know for any confusion.


  • Hi 

    Did your issue resolve ?
  • Yes resolved, thanks
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