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How do I had hyperlinks to things like the text in the copyright footer and also how to I link the icons and headings in the service section?


  • Hi impress

    please follow this ticket


    let me know further assistance

  • Hey dear @impress  

    For your linking service icon and heading  section .

    This feature currently not available .

    But We have noted down this feature will let you know when we update this in next update  .

    Sorry for your inconvenience  .


  • Can you going into the PHP coding and make the headings a hyperlink?
  • Hi 

    Yey ,  Once it will complete I will aware about it . 

  • @impress kindly confirm wither you able to get the link in the copyright footer or not.

    Coming to your other issues we are already working on the hyperlink issue on the service icons. Will provide you the updated package today.

  • Will it be a theme update?

    I haven't tried the footer link fix yet. About to do it now...
  • The footer link is now working.

    Now I just need to be able to hyperlink the service headings and icon.
  • For this wait for the update
  • Hi

    We have released the latest version 1.4.1 Kindly download it and replace the parent theme files.

    Let me know.

  • Do I download it from the website or from WordPress?
  • Hi 

    TO download latest version of our theme refer this Link 

    Let me know for further assistance .

  • This works well now - thanks.

    One question with the links: is there a short way of writing the link for internal pages?


    The 'latest news' section links to

    Can you write it as /latest-news or something similar so it links within the site rather than the full address?
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    Dear your site base url(Home page Url  ) is  

    So we can not remove the  sub  directory  folder name  (finiteNZfrom your website URL.
    Bz you install your wordpress into it .

    So firstly install  wordpress into root directory .
    And for further help regarding this issue contact your hosting service provider  provider . 


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