Changing colours in the stylesheet

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I've just bought the theme 'health-center-pro' and i'm trying to change a colour in the .css style sheet. Unfortunately, once I've done a search and replace, it doesn't seem to change. 

I've literally just installed the theme, and i need to really move on with it fast. 

also, I don't know how to get rid of the little icon next to the logo i've designed. 

Please see screen shots for reference.



  • Now to add your own skin,First, I would suggest you to create child theme .

    Let me know if you are comfortable in doing that.

  • Hi 

    To change (#31A3DD) This color to your own color .

    1 For this find the default.css (Located in your theme folder <<css folder << find default.css file ).

    2 Then open it and find #31A3DD this color and replace it with your own color .


    And to change #207690 color ,
    For this Kindly share your website URL . 

    So that we can inspect the color property form where it is applied and assist you better .

    Let me know for further assistance .


    I've fixed the little guy icon, removed him thanks! 

    I've also sent you a private message. Cheers budddy. \\
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  • Hi

    I visit the link you have provide but unable to view .

    Showing coming soon mode . 

    Kindly make it visible .

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