Not all Page Title Header areas the same height


I am trying to make all the page title header's the same height.

I have put the below into the Option Panel in Appearance as found on another discussion:
.hc_page_header_area, .hc_project_header_area  { padding-top: 25px; padding-bottom: 15px; margin: 0 auto 15px; }

I have found that this is only changing on full width page templates.
How do I get it so that the page title header is the same on all page templates like: full width, page with right or left side bar etc?

Header Title Height.jpg
1440 x 1440 - 244K


  • Hi

    If possible ,
    Kindly share your website URL .

    So that we can assist you better.

  • Hi Akhilesh,

    Currently this website is being created off line so I can not share the URL

  • Are you still able to help me with a solution?
  • Hi I can help you even in this scenario.

    But need to know the body element classes of the page shown in the vaccum product link.

    Let me know the classes. You can use the inspect element property of browser chrome to find out the classes loaded in the body html element.

    Or if you are not comfortable with the above then just click the right click of your mouse on the page , find the view page source option and copy paste the complete code here and share the generated url.

  • Any Updates here
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