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Can you assist with helping me with a couple of issues I'm having with the Services on the home page for a client site?

1. How do have I have the Favicons display rather than the featured image? I have set the favicons on the individual pages, but they only display when I don't have a featured image uploaded. However, I need the image to display on the individual service page. So hoping there's a work around this. 

2. How do a reorder the services listed on the home page. 

See image of what is displaying on the home page. 




  • Hi 

    To reorder the services 
    For this follow the given below instruction . 

    For this  download the  Metronet Reorder Posts  plugin from this link 

    Then go to wp admin << settings << Reorder post <<  Find sorted by field and select Menu order field .

    Now you can change the order of services  post type. As  your need .

    Let me know for any confusion.

  • Hi 

    For your first issue  Kindly create separate ticket for this . 

    Bz separate ticket for separate query , It enable us to handle better support query . 
    And also explain more clear bz I have title confusion . 
    So pls 

  • Thank you, Akhilesh,
    I installed the plugin, and while it couldn't rearrange exactly the way I wanted, I was able to re-order. I was hoping for a drag and drop option. Kind of like what you have in the Option Panel for the Layout Manager section. 

    I'll create a new ticket for the question #1.

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    The suggested plugin working perfect . 
    I think you did not follow the instruction clearly . 
    Again follow the given below instruction . 

    1 Activate the plugin.
    2 Go to wp admin << settings << Reorder post <<  Find Service section and  Find  sorted by field and select Menu order option 
    3 And finally click on  Save Changes button. 

    Now you can change the order of services  post type  be drag and drop .

    For more help 
    See the snapshot will help you .

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  • Hi...thanks so much. It worked. I didn't initially notice that the new reorder option in the Service section after I added the plugin. I just saw it in the Settings section. All set. 

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