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Hi guys

I used to be able to access my template files to amend code as required from 'appearance - editor'.
Editor is now missing. Where is this located so I can still use the same functions I was using before to amend some of the templates??


  • Hey 

    Its a conflict of your worpdress . 

    But  to resolve your editor issue  you can use wp-editor plugin. 

    Download this plugin and activate it . 

  • Hi
    Thanks for your help.
    I installed the editor as instructed above, but it is completely different to what I had before.

    I need to be able to see the back-end code of each template file, so I can amend it accordingly.
    For instance, on the portfolio 3 column template, I have a description which I entered on the template's code directly. I now cannot access this.

    I have not done anything different to my Wordpress, nor downloaded any additional plug ins, so I have no idea why the editor function has disappeared and been replaced with a CSS editor.

    Have you guys done an update to this theme that has meant I have lost the editor?
    Just to repeat - the WP-editor plug in is not suitable for what I need it to do.

    Thanks, Nicole
  • Hey 

    I have checked our latest version of our theme and its is working perfect . 
    You can see the snapshot (Given below in the attachment .).

    You can try below instruction .

    Deactivate the corpbiz theme and activate the other theme . 

    Then check still  Editor missing from Dashboard
    Let me know .
    So that we can assist you better.


  • I dont understand the instruction, sorry.
    Deactivate the entire theme and reactivate it? Isnt that extremely risky?

    I am having very big problems now even with the 'text' version of a page or post. The code looks completely different and I cannot even amend it as I used to be able to. Example attached.

  • Furthermore, the editor has still disappeared, and all there is is now a CSS Editor which is useless!
    Exactly what has happened to cause such huge changes to my Wordpress? Which now means I am unable to access each theme folder, and it also means I am unable to even edit simple codes in the 'text' of a page or post!

    Something has gone extremely wrong with this, and I need this looked into as an urgent matter.
    Nicole Dorrell

  • Hii

    You should check define( 'DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT', true );  defined in Wp-config.php of wordpress package. 
    If it exist there then remove it and check your dashboard.

  • Where am I able to locate the Wp-config.php package? I used to access it via the 'Editor' in 'Appearance' and as this has now completely changed, I cannot access any theme folder.

  • Hi

    Path to find out wp-config.php (wordpress package >> Wp-config.php).

    Then check  define( 'DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT', true );  if exist then remove it.

  • Thanks for this - how do I find the wordpress package? It used to be via the dashboard / Appearance / Editor but this does not exist any more so I am unsure how to access it.

  • Hi 

    Wordpress package file can not be acces via the dashboard / Appearance / Editor option .

    So you have to use FTP utility . 

    For more help refer this tutorial . 

  • I am not sure why you say I cannot access the package php files from Editor, as I was able to do this the entire time I have used this theme. I was able to alter the portfolio page 3 column php file from 'Editor'. So I am not sure why you are saying it cannot be accessed via the Dashboard.

    Also, the above tutorials do not help me resolve my issue at all.
    The crux of my problem is I want to be able to access the php files from 'editor' which is now missing - none of the links help me with that.

    I would appreciate some more focused one-on-one support. Perhaps it is easier by my company email?

  • This is what I now see as a window instead of seeing the Editor.
    I still need assistance with this, so would appreciate a tech rep contacting me to walk through this.

    Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 3.26.47 PM.png
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  • Can I please have a response to this? I need one-on-one support as this is causing some difficulties with the overall use of the website.

    Best regards

    Nicole Dorrell
  • Similar type of issue already answered here https://wordpress.org/support/topic/editor-feature-gone-from-appearance-in-31

    Let me did that work for you or not.
  • Thank you for locating that link.
    Please see the attached screen shot.
    I have located on my security tracker where the editor was removed.
    It was marked as amber (which means warning) and done by the 'system'.
    This is the date the WP-Editor was removed from my system.

    Does the attached give any indication how I could re-establish the Editor?

    The solutions on the link you sent did not work (There was no 'Network Admin' in the top right corner of my site)

    Many thanks

    Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 3.47.40 PM.png
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