Main phone number not showing on safari mobile

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Hi, I have the quality pro theme and the main phone number on top of email address does not show at all on safari mobile browser. Doesn't display on the iPhone or iPad when using Safari mobile. Any idea on how to fix this?
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  • Hi

         If possible kindly share your site URL.

    Let me know for further assistance.


  • Hi, my site is not live yet still in development stage what else do you need?
  • Hi

         We have check our theme responsive in iphone  theme is working perfect at our end.

          Kindly click on this given link and check here Link .

    Let me know for any confusion in given above solution.

  • Can you remove coming soon mode so that I can see the original site of yours because I have checked our demo in the ipads, phones working fine

  • We not ready for the public to see the site so I can not remove the coming soon page yet per management. But I can give you a temp subscriber log in to our wp site so you can log in and view it. Let me know. I took this screenshot from my iPad and iPhone of your quality demo site and the phone number does not show still, its not just my site. Please view pics and help if possible. Thanks
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  • Hey 

    Send  me your  temp subscriber log in  detail  at my email address .

    So that we can check and assist you better . 


  • Hi, it has been sent. Please check your email. Also, is there a way to make the Google map smaller on contact us template? Currently it takes the entire page. Thanks.
  • Did you have a chance to look into this?
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    I have checked your website through responsive test  tool and the phone number  is showing in every device . 
    See the snapshot (FTA) .

    You can also check it  through this responsive test website tool link 

    I think its a problem of our end   , Re install  your iphone  browser . 

    Hope your issue resolve . 

    img test.png
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  • I'll try out but it happens across many of my devices with safari but works fine and other browsers.
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