Adding text to home page?

Hi again :)

cant work out how to add content to home page.

For example: I have removed the Projects section as it is not relevant to my business. I now have a empty white space i would love to put some content in

let me know if that doesn't make sense or you require more info



  • Hi 

    To add content in project section for this .

    Go to Wp-admin << Find Portfolio/Project Section << Then click on add new Item <<  Then add featured image title , description info as you want . 

    Repeat the above process to add more project .

    Let me know for further assistance . 

  • not really what i was asking. maybe i didn't make it clear enough 

    I "don't" wish to use the default project section but want to add some of my own custom content. 

    I can remove the projects section just by unticking it in theme options.. but how do i replace what goes there with some custom content.


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    Have you added project Item from Portfolio/Project << Add new Item  . 

    If yes , 

    Then go to option panel << Quick Start << Portfolio Project << Then select portfolio Category << Then click on save option button 

    Let me know for further assistance . 

    If still does not resolve your issue feel free to ask . 

  • ok i see what you mean.. thanks

    can close this
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