display different service on home and services page?


quick question

is there an easy way to display "different" services on the home page and the services page.

I can see you can easily increase the number in the services section and choose what page to displayon..but it just duplicates the services that have been created and displays on both pages.

for example i want
home page 
Service 1 sevice 2 service 3

and on the service page display
service 4 service 5 service 6 and so on

thanks in advance


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    1 For this Find the  service.php file located in your theme folder . 

    2 Open it and find the below line of code on line no 32 

    $args = array( 'post_type' => 'appointment_service', 'posts_per_page' => $total_services); 

    And replace it with below line of code 

    $service_post_id=('1,2'); // add the selected  service post id in place of 1 and 2 ..more 
    $args = array( 'post_type' => 'appointment_service', 'post__in'=>$service_post_id,'posts_per_page' => $total_services); 

    Then edit the post id of your selected post in place of 1 and 2  which was I made red .
    You can also select more post by adding post id like 1, 2,3 . 
    The 1 ,2 and 3 is the id service post . 

    Hope I made my point clear .

    :Let me know for further assistance . 


  • Works a treat... thank you very much :)
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