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I have been trying to figure out how to add images to the portfolio but have not been able to do so. I created the portfolio and added the featured image and that works fine. When I create the Portfolio page using the portfolio templates and add images to that page, nothing shows up. I figure I need to tag the images somehow, but I can't figure out how to do that. How do I add images to a portfolio I create? The theme documentation does not go into this. Thanks


  • Hi

    Confirm that , Have you select the or not  On the Default Cat of Under that  

    WP Admin << Portfolio Menu << All Portfolio << Edit and find the All Cat  At  right side of window .

    See the snapshot , It will help you  .

    Let me know for any confusion .

    Portfolio Cat.png
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  • I checked the all category, but this still doesn't help me. What I am asking is how do I add photos to the portfolio? I have uploaded photos to my website, but there is no visible way to actually add photos to the portfolio page. I created a page entitled "Our Work" and set that as a 4 column portfolio using the built in templates. I've added images to this page, but they don't show up at all.
  • Hi

    Kindly share your website URL .

    So that we can assist you better .And Find out what's wrong with you .

  • The website is I think I am just not understanding how to physically add photos to the portfolio or how it automatically adds them. How do you tell it what pictures to be in the portfolio besides the cover photo?
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    Hi  Dear @circuitsaviors  

     I checked your website , And I found that there is some  conflict at your end .

    So kindly share your admin detail  at my email  address , akhlesh[dot]nagar04[at]gmail[dot]com

    Let us find , what's going wrong with you .  


  • How can you tell there is a conflict? I feel like my question is simple but I dont get a straight answer. How are pictures supposed to be added to a portfolio? In other words is there a list where I add photos, or do I tag them, or something completely different. I'll share admin access if you first answer my question. Right now I dont think you understand my question.
  • Hi 
    In my first thread I  have suggest you how to add Portfolio Item .
    In portfolio template .  But there is  little  confusion b/w us . But don't worry I am giving you .
    All Basic Steps required  to add the Portfolio  Item . Kindly follow this clearly .
    • To Add New Portfolio, Go To admin dashboard, Portfolio -> Add New item .
    • To add Portfolio title using title box.
    • In the Portfolio Description MetaBox,You can add your Portfolio Description.
    • In the Portfolio Link MetaBox,You can add your custom Portfolio link.
    • Now Add a new Portfolio image with Featured Image(Post Thumbnail) .
    Also read our documentation from this link ;

  • Hi 

    Did the above solution work for you .

    Did your issue resolve  ?  


  • I think I understand, but it just seems silly the way the portfolio works. I would expect to create a portfolio, and then add multiple pictures to each portfolio, whereas it sounds like to me that you just want me to add the images (each as an item) and then tag them. I think that is why it was confusing.
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