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Sorry for this, but this thread:

The code I copied and pasted into the theme file as instructed, and unfortunately, it did not work.


  • Hi 

    The below solution at our end working perfect , So kindly  follow the give give instruction properly and  tell me 

    To resolve your issue follow the given below instruction.

    1 Go To your theme package folder  .

    2 Find the index-help-support.php  file in your theme package folder .

    2 Open  and edit it and replace the code of it with the code of index-help-support.txt which is given below in the above attachment .

    Hope I Made my Point Clear 

    Let me know for further assistance 

  • One question, when you say 'theme package folder' do you mean going to Appearance - Editor?
    Thank you, Nicole
  • Hello 

    No , My means is not to update file with the help of Appearance << Editor , Bz this method sometime create problem to the updation of the file .

    So Go to Your  wordpress installation folder << wp-content folder << themes  folder << find Rambo theme  directory ( that is  I was called  theme package ).

    Hope I made my point clear . 

    If you also have any doubt , feel free to ask us.

  • Hi 

    Did your issue resolve . ?


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    Sorry - I am struggling to find the wordpress installer folder on my MAC.
    It's not located in my Downloads section.
    This is causing the delay on my end.

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    If you are unable to find wordpress folder .

    Then go to step 1 
    1 ) wp -admin Appearance << Theme  Editor << find index-help-support  file , click on this .

    2) Copy the code form index-help-support.txt and past into it 

    3 ) click update button .

    Note: but it some time risky so we dont prefer this method . .

    Step 2 
     Then go to  Option Panel << Find the custom css filed and copy past the below css code into this .

    #help_support {display :none;} 

    If still does not resolve your issue then send me your admin detail at my email address 

    akhlesh[dot][email protected][dot]com 


  • Hi dear 

    Did your issue resolve ?

  • Sorry, I am a starter and I am struggling to find the theme folder.
  • Hi

    Kindly send me your wordpress admin detail  at my email address.

    akhlesh[dot][email protected][dot]com


  • Thank you, I have emailed you from [email protected]
    Thank you for your help!

  • Hi
    Thank you for your help so far.
    Is there an update on this at all?

    Many thanks, Nicole
  • HI 

    I have resolve your  issue , Kindly visit your website .

  • Thank you very much this has worked perfectly.
    If I want to have two boxes and descriptions at some point, how do I do this?

    Thanks for your help it is much appreciated!
  • Hi 

    For this we need to use other method . So kindly create separate ticket . 
    Never post all the issue in single thread  .  Bz it create complexity to handle the support query . 

    So can  I close this ticket ?


  • Hi 

    Add the below css into custom css box 

      .portfolio_image:hover img {
    transform: none;
    -webkit-transform: none;
    -ms-transform: none;

  • Yes this ticket can be closed.
    I will log a new ticket for the above.

    Also, the code you attached is for another ticket.

    Many thanks, Nicole
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