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Can you please assist me with an issue I am having.
Please go to:

The Portfolio slider has white space above and below the slider, which looks rather odd.
Is there any way to decrease the overall size of this section?
And also, is there a way to remove the white space at the top and bottom?

Many thanks for your help.



  • Hi

    To reduce top white space  
    add the below css code into  option panel >> custom css field  

    .portfolio_section { margin-bottom:10px; } 

    To remove below white space  add the below css code 

    .content_responsive_section { margin-bottom:10px;  padding-top:0px ;}

    Let me know for any confusion .


  • Thank you. This has worked.

    Final question: is there a way to reduce the size of the portfolio section in general?

    Thanks! Nicole
  • Hi 

    If you want to fix  height of the Home page fortfolio section ,  It depends on the height of the portfolio image and content . 

    So if you add small size image it automatically reduce the size .

  • I see, that is helpful.
    Many thanks, this is all good now!

    Cheers, Nicole
  • Hi Nicole

    I hope you are satisfied with the theme and support our team is providing.

    Its time now to ask you to rate this theme and support here 

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