How to remove the "About Us", "Recent Works", "Usefull Links" and "Quick Contact" part in footer?

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Is there a way or codes to remove in order for me to remove that part and only the "All Rights Reserved..." part will remain?


  • Hi 
    This is the default  widget but if you want to remove all this widget  

    Follow the given below instruction .

    For this you have to create a Child theme

    To create a child theme  follow this link
    After creating a child theme follow the given below instructions :

    Firstly create a footer.php file into the child theme directory

    then copy the code from footer.txt (which is given below in the attachment ) file and

    paste into footer.php file of your child theme directory.

    and save the changes.



  • Hi 

    Did the solution work for you . 

  • Yes! Thank you very much!
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