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  • olrservices
    Could you help with my enquiry please

    May 24 Comment
  • alemape
    did you get your thing for your team page to work?

    for myself i use another plugin that is called Responsive Tabs PRO from WP Darko

    the pages i go to use after the team page with link on each picture looks as this for example:


    May 1 Comment
  • alemape
    hi there. i used the time for shoppings.

    any news?
    April 28 Comment
  • alemape
    Sorry but i tried to get the infos into the last posting, but you closed it so early without any return of notice.

    Maybe i have to exchange this part to another page...
    but password closed areas must run at the business here.
    April 28 Comment
  • alemape
    Thank you but your tipp didnt work here.
    Maybe cause the php is from another set?

    Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function
    theme_data_setup() in
    Stack trace:
    #3 /www/htdocs/w01778a4/
    #4 {main}
    thrown in /www/htdocs/w01778a4/ on line 15

    April 28 Comment
  • alemape
    Hi Patrick

    Saw on your file that you have changed the stuff in your portfolo files to have picture and link to another page with an i(i) .

    how did you do this good job?

    as you might have seen, i have nearly same wish

    you can contact me at [email protected] too, maybe its easier as here

    thank you

    April 12 Comment
  • Wall Street Pro

    Hi, I can't get my sliders to automatically resize on different screen sizes.  They work perfectly well on my 27" iMac but not on my MacBook Pro 13", 12" iPad or iPhone 8 Plus.  How can I make them dynamically responsive to different screen formats?

    Thanks in advance for your help.
    April 10 Comment

  • how do I activate the LazyProf template? I tried using this model.
    March 28 Comment
  • thegarage
    Hi akhilesh,
    could you help me?
    I want to add a link in testimonials on the wall street theme... I also followed this tutorial to detail
    but I do not see the entry "insert the link"
    Where am I wrong?
    Thank you and good evening
    Thank you and good evening
    March 17 Comment
  • Hi - Cant seem to edit sections, despite buying? Please help 
    February 27 Comment
  • fercho0316
    Can anybody give me support about modifying the number of pictures that the portfolio carousel shows on appointment pro?
    February 26 Comment
    • abhishek
      Hi fercho0316

      Sorry for the delay.

      We have asked to akhilesh to replied to your query because he is already handle your thread. please wait couple of hours they will reply you ASAP.
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  • fercho0316
    Hi, could you help me to resolve my issue with the project carrousel? You comment the other guy asking about another theme but not the main issue of the discussion
    February 23 Comment
  • I can not install the themes buy on wordpress error next
    PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10): Unable to find the End of Central Dir Record signature
    January 14 Comment
  • hello, can anyone help me?
    January 14 Comment
    December 2017 Comment
  • masaist
    Hi akhilesh,
    I'm sorry to directly put my comment here, but please check my updated comment when you have time about subscription payment system, as I need to fix the problem very quick.

    December 2017 Comment
  • masaist
    Hi akhilesh, is "" still working?

    If so, please check my comment as its a bit serious problem.

    December 2017 Comment
  • Enterpreneur and developer... 
    December 2017 Comment
  • Family, 
    December 2017 Comment
  • trying to upgrade from busiprof to busiprof pro but its not playing

    everything is fine in busiprof but when I load pro the projects section of my home page reverts to default and I cant edit it? the only part that I can edit is the title and description , nothing else is on the tab

    an ideas thanks
    November 2017 Comment
  • imraz joined.
    Welcome Aboard!
    November 2017 Comment
    Freenlace web designer

    November 2017 Comment
  • Good morning I use Wallstreet-Pro
    I have a problem with the lateral sidebar, instead of getting to the right I find it below.imageimage

    Thanks in advance
    November 2017 Comment
  • Hi - 

    I am using the Health Center Theme.  I am using the Homepage Two template and am working with the slider.  I don't want any titles showing up on my slides.  I've deleted them, but there is still a small grey text box in the middle of each slide.  How do I remove this text box from the slider?

    Thank you - Longview
    October 2017 Comment
  • Hi - 
    Thank you - i am using the Health Center Theme.  How do I tell the Recent News widget which Posts to post?

    Thanks, Longview

    October 2017 Comment
  • bjoern2k
    thank you for the information.
    but it should be possible to set up just 2 team member per column an then are centered.
     Can you help me by this?
    October 2017 Comment
  • Tried to upload the WallStreet Premium WordPress Theme and I am getting the following error.

    The package could not be installed. The theme is missing style.css stylesheet.

    theme install failed

    October 2017 Comment
  • akhilesh
    Hi Regarding this thread 

    Trust me and give me your word press  admin detail . 
    I have taken so many client admin detail and resolve their issue . 
    If you give me your worpdress admin detail I will resolve your issue . 

    Send me your wordpress admin detail at my email address 

    September 2017 Comment

  • Aerialist Photographer
    September 2017 Comment