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  • social media icon now showing properly on top header right side
    November 2
  • steven_lidi
    I don't know why I keep failing to get register for to rate your product and service?
    is there  any other channel for me to appraise your guys? I failed to find similar place on where I got myself registered.
    October 22
  • steven_lidi
    I tried another time to give you guys a decent rate, but failed again. I will try again later to do that. just let you guys know about [email protected]imraz  @prajapati @abhishek
    October 20
  • steven_lidi
    hi, there, would you please kindly look into the issue at here:
    October 19
  • steven_lidi
    hi, there, would you please kindly look into the issue at here:
    October 19
  • steven_lidi
    could you please kindly follow up the ticket I placed yesterday? thanks. Steven
    October 19
  • steven_lidi
    Hi, there, I just started an inquiry. would you please kindly look into it? thanks. Steven
    October 18
  • steven_lidi
    just get answer from your colleague and the issue was solved. thanks.
    October 16
    • prajapati
      Hi steven_lidi

      Glad to know your issue resolved!
      If you have any query let me know.

  • steven_lidi
    Hi, there, would you please kindly help me out? I have problem listed there under a new ticket started yesterday, no one responded further after 2 hours I followed. thanks.
    October 16
  • eddis75
    Hello Imraz,
    found that solution (written below) from you to add addtional text to silderboxes.
    This works fine, but it generates the same text for all Sliders.
    I have 4 Sliders and want to add at each one different comments.

    How can i add a second font size when this is displayed on my cell phone.
    (20px works well on desktop-Version but is to big on cell phone)

    THX Eddi


    Try this one:

    .slide-caption h2::after{
    white-space: pre;
    content:"\A MyText-YouCanEditIt";

    Edit the red color text to your own text.

    Let me know if it is the same!


    October 7
  • graziapisano
    hello, i have the coming soon mode and i m from italy so we are in a different time zone, the site is do you got an instant chat so i can deactivate the coming soon plug in just for 5/10 minutes to show you what is the problem?

    i ll try to explain it the footer is ok from pc or vertical mode on mobile but when you turn the mobile orizontal in the landscape mode the social are on the left and not on the middle.

    the mobile menus is too clear and i cant see it on the photos sliding on the slider just under the header so i need to make a differend menus like a colored box, is that possible?
    October 5
  • daphnekempers

    Thanks for your feedback so far! So the website I am working on is
    I have the desire to make the header, where the logo is situated in; white. However, no clue how to proceed. I have read about the CSS but I cannot make it happen.

    Thank you in advance and I like hear from you.

    Kind regards, Daphne Kempers
    October 3
  • Hello,
    i would like to know how to change languages (english> french) in the blog part of my website ? All my website is in french, except some words (category, search...)
    I would add a picture in order to understand where i have this problem, but i don't understand how i can do it in this support ?
    Thanks ! image

    October 3
  • Tengo una pregunta como puedo cambiar los iconos de la opcion ajuste de servicios por iconos propios o de otro sitio web, ya que al momento de colocar el nombre de un icono de la siguiente pagina web, no me reconoce los iconos que requiero o en esa pagina no tiene el icono que necesito.

    que manera hay para cambiar esos iconos. y me es de suma urgencia la solucion. 

    agradezco su apoyo y ayuda.

    September 30
    • dgruzzi
      o como puedo colocar los iconos que aparecen en esta pagina en la opcion de services.
  • hanicka01
    Hi Imraz, could I please book a time with you to sort out a few issues I have with my Appointment Pro theme? I can see that you have a good knowledge and I am sure that it would be very simple for you to do (unlike me being a complete novice).
    Here are the issues I have:

    • Numerous articles are in “All Posts” within category “Newsfeed”. This
      needs to be displayed on the “Newsfeed” page. Currently the page is blank
    • None of the articles to have option for a "comment" or "about the author".
    • Home page – under the heading Blog – only pull articles which are
      withing the post category “Newsfeed”
    • All pages have a blue header/banner across – I would like this to be a picture,
      defferent one per page.
    • Breadcrumbs on the right side of the blue banner on each page to be
      removed together with page headers on the left site.

    Please let me know if you could be able to help me. I am happy to share my log-ins.
    Thank you
    September 27
  • good evening! I would like to insert in each standard page a different image placed between the menu and the page title how should I proceed?
    September 25
  • Hi, could anyone respond please
    August 15
  • Hi,

    I just bought the pro theme version. How do I integrate it with the existing Spasalon free version thats running on my Wordpress?
    August 15
  • sece43
    Hola Cony,

    Me podrías decir cómo has activado el apartado "Nuestra misión" en el inicio de tu web?

    Un saludo,
    August 14
  • bought wrong back i think ... dont want the small one that dont work ^^ would like the all inc one ...
    August 8
  • I have just installed WebRiti Wall Street Pro theme and I am unable to change the Header Contact settings.

    Please advise.
    June 22
  • charamel
    Are you able to optimize appointment pro theme for woocommerce and woocommerce Germanized?
    Most of the design fits but there are some design errors.

    May 26
  • olrservices
    Could you help with my enquiry please

    May 24
  • alemape
    did you get your thing for your team page to work?

    for myself i use another plugin that is called Responsive Tabs PRO from WP Darko

    the pages i go to use after the team page with link on each picture looks as this for example:


    May 1
  • alemape
    hi there. i used the time for shoppings.

    any news?
    April 28
  • alemape
    Sorry but i tried to get the infos into the last posting, but you closed it so early without any return of notice.

    Maybe i have to exchange this part to another page...
    but password closed areas must run at the business here.
    April 28
  • alemape
    Thank you but your tipp didnt work here.
    Maybe cause the php is from another set?

    Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function
    theme_data_setup() in
    Stack trace:
    #3 /www/htdocs/w01778a4/
    #4 {main}
    thrown in /www/htdocs/w01778a4/ on line 15

    April 28
  • alemape
    Hi Patrick

    Saw on your file that you have changed the stuff in your portfolo files to have picture and link to another page with an i(i) .

    how did you do this good job?

    as you might have seen, i have nearly same wish

    you can contact me at [email protected] too, maybe its easier as here

    thank you

    April 12
  • Wall Street Pro

    Hi, I can't get my sliders to automatically resize on different screen sizes.  They work perfectly well on my 27" iMac but not on my MacBook Pro 13", 12" iPad or iPhone 8 Plus.  How can I make them dynamically responsive to different screen formats?

    Thanks in advance for your help.
    April 10