I lost my home page

I created a page called "Home" and clicked on "Settings >> Reading" and chose "Home" as the static home page, then realized I should not have done that.  How do I get the Demo page with the slider back as the static home page?  When I try and pick a page as the static home page instead of the Blog page, I can't find the one in the Demo with the slider at the top and all the features below it.  Where is it? How do I get it back? I want it to be just like the Demo when I bought it.


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    Thanks for purchasing our theme . 
    If you want front page just like our demo page . 
    For this simply go to   Setting >> Reading >> Choose front page display as Your latest posts option . 
    To set up content on the front page refer theme help docs link . 

    Feel free to ask us for further assistance . 

  • Hi firestorm

    Any update here.?

  • I want my posts on another page, not the front page, when I clicked on "Static" page and chose the page I wanted my posts to show up on, the front page disappeared, how do I get it back.  Where do I get REAL support or someone to speak with?  I will never buy support through a blog situation again.
  • I am missing the "Gallery" page from the template, where can I find that template to assign it to a page?

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